Mold Damage Restoration Services

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Mold Damage Restoration Services

Certified Restoration Team

The restoration team working at Speedy Restoration Services is completely certified and highly qualified. This team consists of professionals who are trained in water and fire, as well as mold damage restoration services.

Our water damage restoration team responds quickly to your calls and arrives at your doorstep as soon as possible for measuring the extent of water damage, figuring out the equipment and materials necessary for addressing the issue and estimating the time needed to resolve the task at hand. They use effective drying and dehumidification techniques for long-term and efficient results.

Our fire damage restoration team is very prompt in response, as they understand that fire damage can be extremely traumatic for any property owner. This team is certified and highly trained in fire restoration services. The latest restoration techniques are used in a client’s case – this may include applying specialized chemicals and cleaning materials for removing smoke stains, odors and other damages that can be hazardous to human health.

Our mold damage restoration team is certified in properly testing and investigating the nature of the mold and then taking suitable measures and precautions to resolve the issue. Our team uses standardized technology and the newest equipment to reconstruct your property from the effects of mold damage, ensuring its return to the previous condition.

A few of the important pieces of restoration equipment we work with include:


We use efficient dehumidifiers in order to remove moisture from the damaged property. It helps in minimizing dust and mold growth in your property to provide long-lasting results.


It is essential to initially fry out a property proceeding water damage. The expert team at Speedy Restoration Services uses the latest heating techniques and equipment to ensure a more prompt restoration process.

Moisture Meter

This equipment is used for measuring the level of moisture in the damaged property and to understand the extent of damage. This helps our expert team in suitably identifying the damage level so that appropriate mitigation mechanisms can be achieved.

Baseboard Tool

These tools are essential in any damage restoration service. Our expert team uses highly efficient baseboard tools to provide the proper finishing throughout the damage restoration process.

Flood Extractor Machines

Effective flood extractors or pumps are used at Speedy Restoration Services in order to quickly remove flood water from your property.

Air Scrubber

This equipment is highly effective in removing contaminants and toxic materials from the indoor atmosphere of a property proceeding any fire or mold damage restoration process.

ULV Fogger

This equipment is used to remove smoke stains and deodorize your property following fire damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Speedy Restoration Services, we are one of the most reputed companies in the area. Our services are completely insured and licensed. Our damage control team is also fully-staffed with highly trained professionals which our clients are extremely satisfied with. We also have excellent foundational knowledge base, valued expertise and extensive experience in the field of damage restoration. We can assure you with utmost confidence that we will be able to restore your property to the pre-damage condition it was originally in.

The cost of a particular damage restoration service will differ from another based on the category and severity of the damage. It can also differ on the basis of the structure and layout of the damaged properties. Because the services of our companies are completely insured, you do not have to worry about immediate payment. You should only  obtain more information around the cost of your deductible(s). Even if your claim is denied by your insurance company, you do not have to pay anything directly to us for our services. We will sort out the remaining fees with the insurance companies.

Get in touch with Speedy Restoration Services immediately. Severity of fire and water damage can be lessened if informed at the earliest. Fire fumes can affect your health, so do not waste any time if there is fire damage in or around your property. Mold is also a hazardous element that can have an adverse impact on your health. Not only your health, but mold can also severely damage the health of your property. Contact us immediately if there is any fire, water or mold damage in your house.

Commonly there are three types of water damage:

  • Clean water damage: This kind of damage can occur due to broken pipes or water overflowing. This kind of damage is the least severe.

  • Grey water damage: This kind of damage is caused by overflowing of water from toilets or appliances like washing machines etc.

  • Black water damage: This is the most severe kind of water damage and is caused by rising flood water, sewage, sea or river water etc.